Walk on My Own Party Kit

Thank you for organizing a Walk on My Own party! 

Party Resources & Discussion Guide

We have put together a package to support your party. It includes:

  • An invitation from Tostan’s Founder and Creative Director, Molly Melching
  • Context about Walk on My Own and Tostan
  • Sample agenda for your party
  • Discussion questions featuring key characters and quotes
  • Information about Tostan

Stream Walk on My Own

The movie is streamed from PBS: https://www.pbs.org/video/walk-on-my-own-ok6gnl/

Be sure to test this in advance of your event. If you are using a streaming device such as Apple TV, Walk on My Own Should appear when searching the PBS app. Otherwise the movie can be screened from any browser, and connected to a larger screen or projector.

Social Media: #WalkOnMyOwn

Build momentum around the film by posting pictures from your event! Use the hashtag #WalkOnMyOwn so we can celebrate your success and amplify your efforts!