February 6 was International FGC Abandonment Day. We are proud to support the 8000+ communities across eight countries who have publicly declared to abandon FGC.

The following graphics celebrate the 358 communities who declared to abandon FGC and other harmful practices in December 2016. This human rights movement in West Africa is building momentum and is rapidly approaching critical mass thanks to brave leaders taking a stand to protect their young girls.

Spotlight on Mauritania

Despite their lack of formal schooling, 77 communities in Mauritania declared to abandon FGC after learning about the associated health risks in Tostan classes and discussing with religious leaders. Community-led awareness-raising activities focusing on human rights were key in changing this social norm.

Spotlight on Guinea-Bissau

In a series of three public declarations, 102 communities in Guinea-Bissau came together to end FGC. Abandoning FGC and other harmful practices is just one of many ways communities are choosing to shape their future around human rights. Click here to read more about the December 6 declaration.

Spotlight on Guinea

With shared knowledge spread by organized diffusion, 106 Guinean communities decided it was time to end FGC. Everyone was involved, making this change to a deeply rooted social norm possible through simple discussion about human rights and health. Their decision has the full support of the local and national government, as well as religious figures, who play a key role in community leadership.

Spotlight on Mali

73 Malian communities decided to abandon FGC as part of a larger movement to pursue their human rights and learn skills to lead their own development. They chose to include abandoning FGC as part of their vision for a better, healthier community.

For a closer look at a community who has abandoned FGC, check out this story.