On July 21, 2014, the Community Management Committee (CMC) of Keur Thieme Sawaré in Thiès, Senegal, received 75 saplings to plant as part of a reforestation project. Led by the local CMC and supported by Tostan, this project illustrates the lasting benefits of Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program (CEP) for partner communities to ensure environmental sustainability.

In order to access the resources necessary to implement collective projects, the CMC of Keur Thieme Sawaré was put in contact with the Inspection of Water and Forests in Thiès, with the help of the Tostan team that manages the Empowered Communities Network (ECN). This team helps CMCs organize themselves, develop partnerships with businesses and other NGOs, and contact local or national authorities.  

On the day, the Inspection of Water and Forests gave the CMC of Keur Thieme Sawaré 75 saplings; 25 saplings of three different tree species: cashew, mango, and dynamite. They plan to plant trees in various public places and around the village health center. The reforestation effort is not only environmentally sound, it will also provide shade to patients visiting the health center and enable children in the village to eat fruit regularly.

The local government official in charge of the environment, in collaboration with the CMC, will manage the planting and cultivation of these trees. This reforestation project contributes to the beautification of Keur Thieme Sawaré and community members’ right to a healthy environment.