Our year-end fundraising campaign has begun, and this year, the Greenbaum Foundation will match every gift received, which means your impact will be instantly DOUBLED! As a part of our campaign, we will spotlight different stories from Community Management Committees (CMCs) – democratically selected groups in each community trained in project development and management. CMCs plan and carry out local initiatives, laying the foundation for community-led change and ensuring the sustainability of the Tostan program.  Contribute to sustainable development by donating today!

The Community Management Committee (CMC) of Kolibantang has taken a lead in ensuring the health and well-being of their youngest community members. On October 25, the CMC led a Nutrition Day to provide practical advice to children and their parents on healthy eating. 

The morning was spent preparing nutritious meals made with local produce such as beans, dried fish, vegetables, and mangoes from the 84 trees planted by the CMC. Sixty-five children from Kolibantang and the neighboring community of Yero Bawol were served a delicious meal, and it is sure to be a lesson that neither the parents nor the kids will forget. 

With over 8,000 Gambian Dalasi (approximately $264) in their community fund, raised through monthly contributions and fundraising activities, the CMC of Kolibantang can continue leading community initiatives, similar to Nutrition Day, spreading community awareness on issues of child health and nutrition. 

Story and photograph by Elizabeth Loveday, Regional Projects Assistant at Tostan The Gambia