CMCs ensure the sustainability of Tostan’s holistic CEP. They work to improve life in their communities by leading local development projects and promoting human rights and positive practices. CMCs also work to spread this information to neighboring communities through social mobilization activities.

In Djibouti, the CMCs of Tostan partner communities have combined into four federations, each operating at a regional scale. This means that they are now able to effectively coordinate with each other, helping others achieve positive social change throughout the small country.

Inspired by their participation in child protection training, the Djibouti CMCs now lead a variety of activities designed to give children a better start to their lives, both locally and in other communities throughout their region through the federations. The CMCs teach people about the importance of education for children, especially girls, through traditional learning techniques such as theater, and through meeting individually with parents. The Djibouti CMCs use the same strategies to promote the registration of children at birth. Many people are not aware of the importance of obtaining legal documents for their young children, and so the CMCs explain to them how this registration is part of every child’s fundamental right to a name and nationality, and will provide them with access to healthcare, education, and banking services. They also make a priority of promoting health issues, encouraging people individually and through group presentations to vaccinate their children against diseases and teaching them how to prevent illnesses such as malaria and diarrhea.

“We have learned how to work together, and especially to respect our children and the vulnerable people’s needs. We have a greater sense of solidarity with others now… today we work with partners to take care of people with HIV/AIDS, and we are on our way to obtaining legal status for our CMC.”