Dignity For All: Celebrating 30 years!

Everyone loves a reason to celebrate and this year Tostan has 30 reasons! Yes, for 30 years we’ve worked closely with community partners across West Africa and elsewhere to advance our mission of Dignity For All.


To celebrate this milestone, and to acknowledge you and so many others who’ve joined Tostan on this journey, we’re hosting various activities and events throughout the year.

Our hope is that partners around the globe can celebrate, connect, and imagine with us throughout the year. We hope you’ll join us through one of the following:

Already Happened:

  • In May we launched a series of virtual discussions about the different facets of our work with partners around the globe as we continue to learn and innovate. Discover a part of our participation to the 2021 Catalysing Change Week here! 

Already Underway:

  • Enjoy stories from communities, local leaders, teams, partners, and networks–all who’ve joined us on this journey. You can find the series #Tostan30 here and on our social networks. 
  • Share your own story of Tostan. Were you a volunteer, a supporter, a member of our staff, a participant at the Tostan Training Center? We’d love to hear from you and, if you’d like, we’ll share your experience with others on a special 30th Anniversary website page.
  • Gather a group of friends to read and discuss the NYT, bestseller However Long the Night, by Aimee Molloy who relates the story of Molly Melching and the launching of Tostan. Contact us to receive complimentary copies of the book for your group.

Coming Soon:

  • On June 17, we’ll host a special 30th Anniversary Showcase on Zoom to share Breakthrough Generation evaluation findings. The discussion will include program highlights, stories from the field, and plenty of time for Q&A. Mark your calendar, and look for registration information soon!

And Later this Year:

  • We’ll be launching an anniversary edition of the book, Ndànk-Ndànk: An Introduction to Wolof Culture. This book provides context and contributes to a deeper cultural understanding for those discovering Senegal.
  • We’ll be opening a physical museum and archives space at the Tostan Training Center as well as a corresponding virtual space. You will be able to engage with historical materials, ensuring the Tostan story is shared with the next generation of partners through photos, videos, and documents.
  • Attend a live celebration in Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, The Gambia, or the US. We’ll be traveling to Seattle in the fall (Inshallah!) and gathering with friends and partners. And the culminating 30th Anniversary event will be held in Senegal in November. Look for more details in late summer.


You are an important part of our story – the journey we’ve undertaken and the one yet to come. 

We’re excited to celebrate with you in the coming months.

Let’s get the celebration started!