Community Management Committees

As part of the Community Empowerment Program (CEP), we train Community Management Committees (CMCs) in the management skills necessary to implement development projects.

CMCs are made up of 17 democratically-selected members and at least nine of the 17 members must be women. Participation in the CMC helps women improve their confidence, leadership, and social standing by assuming prominent roles in their community.

The CMCs take forward the community’s vision for sustainable development and as community-based organizations, work with partners and others to meet community needs.

Over 2,300 CMCs have been established in Tostan partner communities across Africa. Some of their activities include:

  • Birth registrations
  • Advocacy with local health, education and government officials for health campaigns, schools and roads
  • Community construction projects
  • Management of community grants and micro-credit systems to support local businesses. 

The Empowered Communities Network

In 2006, Tostan created the Empowered Communities Network (ECN) to help communities partner with other organizations on development initiatives to help realize their community vision.

Following the establishment of a CMC and the implementation of the Tostan CEP, many CMCs register as official community-based organizations (CBOs) in their respective countries. Often these CBOs join together with other CBOs and form Federations which provides them with increased rights and opportunities.

We connect trained CMCs with NGO partners, microfinance institutions, businesses, government authorities, and other service providers so they can access resources and funding to continue their community-led development projects.

Currently the ECN only operates in Senegal but the plan is to expand the project to all other countries where Tostan implements its program.

For more information on partnering with communities, please email