Population: 3,516,806 (June 2014 estimate)
Capital: Nouakchott
Number of communities currently implementing the CEP: 30
Location of Tostan country coordination office: Aleg, Mauritania
Languages offered in the CEP: Hassaniya (Mauritanian Arabic), Fulani, French, English
Regions we work: Brakna
Partners: Government of Mauritania, LEXDEF, New Vision, Nissa Banque, UNICEF

We began working in Mauritania in 2007 and now implement the Community Empowerment Program (CEP) in 30 communities in the region of Brakna. Over the course of 2014, Community Management Committees (CMC) in Mauritania organized 212 community clean-up days and shared 39 different community action plans they developed with local authorities. In the first half of 2014, CMCs in Mauritania met with the director of the School Management Committee eight times to advance the rights and security of children. CEP participants adopted 4850 people to share knowledge learned during class, an organized diffusion method. In 2013, CMCs made 6,841 prenatal visits, planted 1,031 trees, and 30 communities now maintain 3,161,730 MRO in their community funds. In order to reach a larger audience, Tostan Mauritania uses radio programs and inter-village awareness-raising activities to share themes from the CEP. Through these activities approximately 30,000 indirect beneficiaries were reached in 2011.