Tostan supporters play an integral role in building momentum for our community-led development programs. Our Outstanding Supporter Blog Series highlights their creative efforts to inspire support for Tostan in their communities.

150 km cycle, 10 km run, 21 km run. This was the grueling schedule of events that Luke Davies, a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Oxford University in England, took part in over three consecutive weekends this past fall to raise money for Tostan.

With a combined love for and interest in sports and global development issues, Luke chose to dedicate his races to a cause that supports women’s rights. With guidance from a friend, Luke did some research and discovered Tostan, at which point he felt “really sold by Tostan’s focus on education.” Luke felt that this approach really is “one of the best ways to improve the level of gender equality in a country (or region)…It seems to me that Tostan just gets the order of priorities right. It focuses on aspects of life that will really make a significant change. That’s something I’d like to support if I can.”

Luke has been interested in global issues for some time, but he says he’s never quite translated his interests into action, and has always wanted to be more involved in charitable work.  Last spring, he joined his friends for an annual 10 km run in Oxford to raise funds for muscular dystrophy health research. He reminisced about that event: “It was a really nice experience, doing something I enjoy with others for what felt like a good cause.” He was inspired to continue such fundraising and awareness raising work with a focus on supporting organizations that “work toward the achievement of equality” for all.

As a student, it can be difficult to financially support and donate to organizations, but Davies noted that running and cycling for a cause allowed him to raise money and “contribute positively to a project [he] care[s] about.” He noted that social media made advertising his events and cause possible. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, Davies could communicate Tostan’s vision and mission to his supporters, and in turn, reach a new community of supporters for Tostan.

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Story by Alyna Rogow, Development Assistant, Tostan