As part of the project with Mastercard Foundation,
Tostan organized a distribution of microgrants from December 7 to 11
in Fouta, in the department of Ranérou, Senegal.


It is a microgrant of 25,000 CFA of post-COVID-19 support distributed to 420 households with the aim of enabling beneficiaries to maintain or raise their income generating businesses. This beautiful initiative is greatly appreciated, and allows communities to recover and promote their own development. Tostan is committed to supporting and serving communities in promoting their well-being.



Here are some testimonials from the beneficiaries


Samba Ba, a 76-year-old man from the village of Adia:

“Long before the COVID pandemic, my family and I were going through difficult times to meet our basic needs namely food, schooling for our children, daycare, etc. But since I started receiving support from Mastercard, our situation has greatly improved. Today my children are studying well.”


Mariem Barry, mother of a family living in the village of Mbonaye:

“I thank you very much for the support. Here, all the families are vulnerable and COVID has increased our difficulties, we are very relieved by your assistance. With this money, we have paid for our children’s school supplies and their registration fees.”


Fary Ba, from Dayane:

“I thank you very much, I was sick and I was able to pay all my prescriptions and thank GOD I recovered my health, there are many difficulties solved thanks to your support, we ask you to continue your assistance.”


Amadou Ba, a young disabled student in a wheelchair at the college of Velingara:

“It is thanks to the money you gave me that I was able to enroll and buy my school supplies, I greatly appreciate your action, it must be continued.”