Where We Work


Population: 219,463,862 (2021 estimate)
Capital: Abuja
Regions where we work: Lagos State, Oyo State, Abuja State, Kano State, Plateau State, Kaduna State, Benue State

Partners: Nigeria For Women Project, Ford Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Bank, The Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development (FMWASD)

Tostan first started training partners in Nigeria in 2015. This expanded in 2020 with Tostan pursuing a wider partnership strategy with a range of international, government and Civil Society Organization (CSO) stakeholders to support the Nigeria for Women Project (NFWP) around common goals of decreasing violence against women and girls and increasing gender equality in Nigeria.

To date Tostan’s Introductory and Orientation Seminar has been delivered to over 100 participants from the NFWP, international institutions and the Nigerian government, as well as members of Civil Society platforms and Religious Leader Networks, working to end violence against women. Tostan also developed a follow up advanced trainings for some of the participants to help develop their approaches and learnings. 

A Community of Practice to provide mutual support and exchange for Tostan Alumni was established in 2021.


Population: 15,020,945 (July 2018 estimate)
Capital: Dakar
Number of communities currently implementing the CEP: 19
Location of Tostan country coordination office: Thiès
Languages used in the CEP: Wolof, Serrer, Fulani, Soninké, Mandinka, Diola, French, English
Regions we work: Dakar, Thiès, Diourbel, Saint-Louis Matam, Tambacounda, Sédhiou, Kolda

Partners: Anti-Slavery International, Peace Corps, Association Demnagal Am, GIE Tambadjiro, Government of Senegal, Mutuelles de Crédit, Path, RADDHO, Solar Household Energy, UNICEF, UNFPA, Gates Foundation, Orchid Project, Ofod Naforé, FODDÉ, La Lumière, Le Centre Conseil ADO de Kolda, ENDA Youth Action, ISU, Coalition of Organisations of Civil Society on Child Marriage, National Technical Committee for FGC Abandonment, Ministry of Justice (Office of Prison Administration), Ministry of Women, Family, and Gender (Office of the Family and Gender and Departmental Services of Community Development), Ministry for Good Governance and the Protection of Children (Office for the Promotion of Children’s Rights), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education (IA IEF and schools), US Embassy in Dakar, Dutch Embassy, Pouponnière de Mbour Vivre Ensemble, Village Pilote, Centre Polyvalent, Methodist Church, RTS, Sud FM, Committee of Former Cutters of Tamba, Planet Wheeler, Social Investors, Cartier Foundation, Radio Sweden, World Children’s Prize, Malin & Lennart Philipson, USAID, Johnson & Johnson, Barefoot College, Association Kawral Ngenar & Bossya (Fouta), Association for the Promotion of Women’s Rights (Fouta), Ganga Bouri (Fouta)

We are currently implementing the Community Empowerment Program (CEP) in 19 communities in two regions in Senegal, Thies and Matam. In addition to the CEP, Tostan Senegal also participates in: the Peace and Security Project in 30 communities across three regions, Kolda, Sedhiou, and Ziguinchor; the Prison Project in six prisons; the Community Development Grants module; and a projet of quranic school modernisation for child protection, in 35 centres across three regions. Previously, Tostan Senegal has implemented the Solar Power! Project and Reinforcement of Parental Practices Module. From 2017, Tostan has been testing a pilot project on citizen engagement for sustainable development in Senegal.

The Tostan Training Center (TTC), which opened to external participants in 2015, is also located in Thies, Senegal. At the TTC, we host international training courses in English and French on its human rights-based approach to community-led development.

Throughout 2018, Community Management Committees (CMC) in Senegal vaccinated 3,324 children under the age of five, enrolled 596 children in school, organized 1,239 community clean-up days, and officially registered 1,028 children for birth certificates.


number of communities currently implementing the CEP

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