Child Protection

The Child Protection Module helps build consensus around human rights and children’s rights while building awareness of the various moral, social, and legal norms that affect children. It emphasizes the importance of education and introduces ideas for how communities can work together to protect children.

Peace and Security

Our Peace and Security Project works to strengthen and support our proven grassroots strategy of community-led development to improve peace and security in the West African region. It focuses on collaboration at the local, regional, and national level.

Reinforcement of Parental Practices

Our Reinforcement of Parental Practices Module aims to reinforce knowledge gained in the Community Empowerment Program that encourages parents and other community members to create an environment for children’s academic and developmental success.

Strengthening Democracy and Civic Engagement

Tostan’s newest innovation to its three-year, holistic Community Empowerment Program (CEP) is the Strengthening Democracy and Civic Engagement (SDCE) model.

Community Development Grants

Community Development Grants are small grants provided to Community Management Committees (CMCs) to help fund community development projects as well as to establish CMC-run microcredit funds.