On June 14th, 2015 the Sangardo community in Guinea–with the generous support of UNICEF–hosted a Public Declaration. This declaration included 65 participating communities, all expressing their abandonment of female genital cutting (FGC) and child marriage. Below are a series of photos taken at the event. Enjoy!



Elhadj Ibrahima Kante, the Vice Secretary General of the Islamic league of Kissidougou explains that FGC is not a mandate of Islam. 


Madame Denka Sayon Mansare, President of the Kissidougou Committee for Children and Families explains the process of abandonment of harmful practices to a panel of press. 


The local Committee for Children and Families present a sketch on child/forced marriage. 


Ami Drame, the former cutter of Sangardo renounces the practice of FGC after participating in Tostan trainings on social norms and child protection. 


A sketch about FGC performed by the women of the Committee for Children and Families from Sangardo. 


A calabash containing knives used for cutting: demonstrates that the cutters have renounced the practice.


The planting of a tree by the deputy prefect of Banian to symbolize their respect for the promise made by the 65 communities. 


22 girls played a soccer match on June 13th–2 days prior to the official declaration. The game was intended to help raise awareness about children’s rights, and the rights of girls in particular. 


Bicycles offered by UNICEF, with the support of the American Embassy in Guinea. These 20 bicycles were given to the Committees for Children and Families so that they may use them to continue their follow-up on the communities’ commitment to the protection of children’s rights.  


The mayor of Sangardo welcomes all the participants and invitees to the declaration, thanking them for attending. He underscores how this gathering reflects the engagement and commitment of both community members and authority figures to the rights of women and their daughters.