This week, representatives from Tostan’s DC office attended two events. The first event was Media as a Tool for Social Change in Africa, which featured the PBS special “Soap Opera for Social Change.” This video explores the role of television in unifying the Kenyan people and encouraging more amicable relations between Kenyan tribes. John Marks, President and founder of Search for Common Ground, spoke about how addressing tribal conflicts in the context of a soccer or ‘futbol’ team facilitates productive discussion and conversation as alternatives to violence. 

In addition, the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) hosted Insight to Change, Promoting Gender Equitable Attitudes Among Men and Boys. This event focused on the importance of male mentors in shaping boys’ conceptions of manhood and developing respectful attitudes towards others.

Both events provided thought-provoking approaches to social change, offering useful feedback about the power of media and sports to influence diverse aspects of participants’ and viewers’ lives. We appreciate the chance to learn from other organizations and look forward to the opportunity to take part in more lectures and conferences.

Story by Tostan, Washington D.C.