In this rare moment of a shared global experience, questions about how to create an equitable and just future loom large. The coronavirus pandemic and associated disruptions have highlighted the vital importance of empowered communities and local leadership.

Tostan’s three-year Community Empowerment Program (CEP) has engaged more than 3,000 communities in eight African countries in developing and implementing their visions of well-being. Communities who complete Tostan’s non-formal education program create a collective vision for their future, take action to achieve it, and then share what they’ve learned with others. This proven approach amplifies the voices of women and girls and is the path to stronger community relations with local government officials.

Your gift contributes directly to this community-led development and ensures Tostan can continue its mission of Dignity for All. You are helping support resilient communities and ensuring the Tostan approach reaches those who are poised to tackle today’s challenges. As the pandemic continues, Tostan supports partner communities to sustain impact and expand the horizons of collective well-being. Make your gift today and strengthen the movement of community leaders in West Africa who are creating a sustainable future.