Tostan’s Learning Journey 2016-2022

Tostan launched the 2016-22 Strategic Engagement Plan (SEP) in September 2016 following an extensive planning process. This new plan included several important strategic shifts to further develop our capacity to scale community well-being.

At the conclusion of our 2016-2022 Strategic Engagement Plan, Tostan had already drawn major learning from the experimentation and studies undertaken during the seven years and incorporated it into the development of its new Strategy 2023-2030: In Partnership for Community Well-being. The learnings drawn from the previous strategic period needed to be systematically documented, and we also wanted to carry out an in-depth analysis of some particular themes that held. major potential.

Tostan therefore embarked on a stock-taking exercise that drew from program evaluations, internal performance tracking, research studies undertaken with external partners, feedback from key stakeholders, and other external data sources. The information gathered through this exercise provided additional guidance in the implementation of Tostan’s Strategy to 2030.

The learning journey was documented through a set of 7 different reports that contain the key learnings in the programmatic and operational realms. Each report stands on its own.  This Learning Journey offers an opportunity to understand the main findings and learning from Tostan’s work to continuously improve our approach and organizational capacities.

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