Since 2016, staff members of the Tostan Training Center (TTC) and young people living in the neighborhood of Silmang in Thies, regularly train at the field located in the Tostan Center.

Supported by Tostan, this team participated in the Football Tournament gathering 7 teams at the initiative of the ASC MBOULGUI, which traditionally organizes celebrations at this time of the year.

The Tostan team played the final against Team Gambia, another team in the neighborhood, on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, and the Tostanians won 2-1.


The cup as well as the sets of jerseys awarded to the winning team caused a great deal of excitement and pride among the Tostan staff.



The team is full of talented staff members (Sécouba Cissé – chef, Joseph Gorgui Sarr – computer scientist, Mouhamed Aidara – Operations, Dame Mbaye – surface technician, Idrissa Déme – driver, Birima Fall, Clédor Ndione, Salla Ndione…), reinforced by young people from the neighboring neighborhood of the Center.



The practice of sport contributes to the well-being of all and confirms the adage “A healthy mind in a healthy body“.

The soccer team has shown that beyond the result, the cohesion, the complementarity, the group spirit make it possible to overcome any test.

This team is to be encouraged, it has shown the way to follow in the continuous search for well-being for all.