Tostan’s mission is to empower communities to develop and realize their vision for the future and inspire large-scale movements for dignity for all. It does this through its Community Empowerment Program (CEP), a human rights-based program that is implemented by local facilitators for three years in rural communities in West Africa.





Recently, Tostan began working with a new partner community in Senegal in the region of Thies, specifically with the women of the Groupement d’Intérêt Économique (GIE) de Guéréo. Approximately fifty women are members of this economic interest group, which allows them to manage and run the Women’s Restaurant of the Somone Lagoon, specializing in seafood. Thanks to this new partnership, 48 women will be participating in the Tostan Community Empowerment Program, which will allow them to better know and apply their human rights and to develop their project management skills, particularly in regards to financial knowledge, organizational development and customer service.