Tostan Strategy 2023-2030: In Partnership for Community Well-being

Feb 8, 2023

As we look towards our collective ambition to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, we are excited to share Tostan’s strategy 2023-2030: In partnership for community well-being. On this page you can find a summary of the strategy in English and French, as well as our “Big Picture”: an interactive visualisation of Tostan’s strategy.

Developed through a deeply participatory process with local, national and global collaborators, Tostan’s strategy 2023-2030 has partnerships at its heart. 

Since 1991, Tostan has partnered with thousands of communities, reaching more than 5 million people. Communities who partner with Tostan make major advances to achieve their vision for community well-being. Tostan has also shared the principles of its model with over 800 grassroots leaders and development partners

We are now at a significant moment in Tostan’s history; on the cusp of an ambitious journey towards our mission of dignity for all. 

This strategy to 2030 builds on the power of a respectful, holistic, human rights-based, participatory model of community-led development rooted in African culture. Crucially, it centers on the power of partnerships to bring to a new level Tostan’s contribution to the growth of a movement for sustainable community well-being.

By 2030 we aim to enable breakthroughs in well-being for communities in entire regions of five West African countries, and mobilize a wider movement for community well-being with women and young leaders at the forefront of change.

Tostan’s strategy 2023-2030: The Big Picture

Download the Big Picture in English
Téléchargez l’image de notre Vision en français
O Grande Quadro está também disponível para download em português.

Read Tostan’s Strategy 2023-2030 Overview

Download Tostan’s Strategy 2023-2030 Overview (English)

Download Tostan’s Strategy 2023-2030 Overview (French)

Descarregar o resumo da estratégia 2023-2030 da Tostan (português)

Together, we can go further

This ambitious strategy is only possible because of the dedication and collaboration of our partners. We thank each and every one of you for your commitment, contributions and ongoing support.

Tostan is deeply committed to partnering at all levels for the realization of sustainable community well-being at scale. We know that when we work together, we can go further. 

Join us and a myriad of partners around the world walking hand-in-hand with community partners  on the journey to catalyze a movement for sustainable, community well-being across West Africa and beyond.

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We would also like to recognize those who supported our strategy process, including Senegalese Artist Malick Pouye, who drew the visual above; Julian Burton of Delta 7 who led the visual design process, and Ethicore, who supported the full strategic planning process throughout 2022.