The 30th anniversary of Tostan is an opportunity to honor Kadidia Sounfountera known as Mah Cissé, Coordinator of the Community Management Committee of Yirimadio in Mali.

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What is your relationship with Tostan?

“I was a participant at the Kodialani center in Yirimadio, in Commune VI of the District of Bamako, Coordinator of the local CMC, and until today, Coordinator of the CMC in the Federation of Yirimadio.”


How did you first hear about Tostan?

“I first heard about Tostan in 2005 through Harry Johnson and Jessica Beckerman, current co-founders of the NGO Muso.”


Share a special moment that you have experienced since you know Tostan.

“As a special moment, I welcome the success of the organization on the declaration of abandonment of Female Genital Cutting held on February 6, 2014 in Bamako, in a context of a very tense climate with religious people who had issued curses and even threats. I think this was the hardest declaration.”


Share a story, memory or situation that illustrates your experience with Tostan.

“After Yirimadio’s declaration, I had the chance to participate with Molly in a trip to Denmark. It was my first time to get on a plane and to visit a European country. I visited the Danish Parliament, the UNICEF headquarters, I was received at the American Embassy and met Princess Mury. I also had the chance to participate in the declarations of Kidira, Kolda and Bakel, in Senegal.”


What do you wish to Tostan for the next 30 years?

“To Tostan, I wish good continuation, a lot of success, happiness and especially that it is everywhere in Africa where FGC is practiced to help the communities to get out through its program which is very good.”



This story has been created in the framework of Tostan’s 30th Anniversary. 30 stories will be published in 2021, celebrating the amazing Tostan’s Family. This is a way for us to honor communities and local leaders as well as our teams, partners, networks, donors and anyone who has joined us on this journey.