Tostan Training Center (TTC)
About the TTC

Over the years, Tostan has received requests from individuals, community activists, organizations, philanthropists, and government officials to share its proven model for community-led development. In 2000, we first launched the Tostan Training Center (TTC) in Thies, Senegal and began creating programs for training and sharing learning. In 2015, Tostan launched a revised and expanded program to support other partners and organizations to learn and apply its community, human rights-based approach and principles through a unique 10-day training course that uses a participatory, learner-centered approach. Our training serves individuals and groups who share a commitment to human dignity, transformative learning, holistic empowerment, and collective action. To date, Tostan has welcomed more than 900 participants from 50 countries across four continents to the participatory seminars at the TTC.

Next Sessions (2024)

English sessions:

June 25 – July 4

August 6 – 15

December 3-12

French sessions:

May 14 – 23

September 3-12



Or write to Birima Fall ( if you have any questions or inquiries. You can also reach the TTC at +221 77 198 47 95.

What to Expect
The Tostan 10-day course, “Promoting Community Wellbeing”, provides a comprehensive overview of Tostan’s non-formal, human rights-based education program which has been implemented in thousands of rural communities in West and East Africa over the past 30 years.

As a participant in the course you will

  • Be introduced to an overview of Tostan’s unique model
  • Connect Tostan practices to relevant development theories, including social norm theory
  • Experience key Tostan classes and visit at least two villages that have participated in the Tostan Community Empowerment Program (CEP)
  • Explore monitoring & evaluation practices for a holistic, integrated program
  • Interact and learn from other development activists
Essential Information

Course title



“Promoting Community Well-being”


10 full days

(arrive the day before,

depart the day after)


US $3,500

(including course materials, room + board, two field visits, day-off excursion to Gorée Island, transfer to/from Dakar airport)*

Course Content

The Tostan course runs for 10 full days and includes: participatory activities, group work, presentations and discussions on theoretical and practical content, village visits for exchanges with community leaders.

Tostan Program Content
  • Introduction to the Tostan Community Empowerment Program (CEP)
  • Individual sessions from the CEP curriculum
  • Tostan’s Theory of Change
  • The Theory of Wellbeing
  • Understanding Social Norms
  • The Capacity to Aspire
  • Participatory activities
  • African cultural methods of learning: song, dance, theater, poetry
Organizational Practices
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Communication strategies that take into account an understanding of social norms
Interaction with Community Participants
  • Two field visits to Tostan partner communities
  • Roundtable with representativews of Community Management Committees (CMC)
  • Q&A with Social Mobilization Agents

Profile of Course Participants

We welcome a maximum of 22 participants, including:

  • Individuals occupying a leadership position at organizational or programmatic level at a NGO (non-governmental organization)
  • Trainers/teachers/influential leaders who are engaged in social and international development projects
  • Officials from government agencies in charge of local development programs
  • Representatives from foundations or multilateral organizations which invest in community development.

We encourage two people per organization to apply, but we ask that you coordinate within your organization to ensure that the two best placed individuals submit an application.


For More Information


If you have additional questions about the training, or if you are interested in renting a space at the Tostan Training Center (as a development organization or group) please contact us at

What the Participants Said About the Training Course
“One of the most amazing things about this training was bringing together all these amazing individuals from a variety of backgrounds, with a variety of experience and being able to interact with everyone, and share each other’s knowledge and be able to learn from each other.”
Jennifer Artibello, One Village Partners, Sierra Leone

“The training was a great experience, a rare and critical opportunity to reflect and focus on doing community led empowerment programming authentically.”
Training participant, April 2018

 “The feeling I had in Keur Simbara was beyond my imagination, I never knew that one day I will visit and experience a community of wellbeing where FGC was abandoned and the girls are proud to be part of the generation free from FGC and child marriage. The Tostan effect is the best inspiration ever!”
Hoda Ali, Somalia, Training participant, March 2019

“This training has awakened greatness within me. I realized that when a mind is stretched by a new experience, it can never go back to its old way of thinking. We are now ready to apply the different aspects of the Tostan model in our community work in Sierra Leone.”
James Bowen, Operations Manager of Integrated Development Program for Teenagers, Sierra Leone, Training participant, April 2021

“The most important takeaway from this seminar is that it helped me to move away from being an introvert to an extrovert. This has boosted my confidence and changed the way I perceive things.”
Nyima Faye, Regional Gender Officer, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare, The Gambia, Training participant, December 2021