The small Senegalese village of Gniling Mbao in the region of St. Louis recently celebrated completion of Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program (CEP) with much enthusiasm. The only village in the region to currently participate in Tostan’s CEP, Gniling Mbao celebrated with a full day of festive events in honor of the positive developments that have taken place in the community. The 30-month Tostan program was established in February 2007 thanks to the financial support of Sara Minard, in partnership with the Yarum Jin Project (funded by the Minard-Garfinkle Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative). Entitled Integrated Development in Health and Aquaculture in Senegal, the cooperative project aims both to preserve the culture and way of life of a people who have traditionally depended on the sea for their livelihood, and to provide the knowledge and resources for community members to become independent agents of development.

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