With over 99% of Tostan staff working in Africa, the Washington, DC team accomplishes much with a small presence. Because of this, interns in the DC office take on an immediate and important role; they are an integral part of our office, working to assist in our Development, Communications, and Operations Teams.

Speaking to her experience, current Communications Assistant Hannah Kramer said: “Daily check-in meetings and joint projects create opportunities for interns to work in collaboration with other staff and teams. I have never felt more valued in an internship.”

If you would like to learn more about the Washington, DC Internship Program, click here.  Ready to apply? Access the application here.  

Please note: The application deadline for Spring 2012 is December 1. 

Thinking of volunteering for Tostan in the field? Tostan Volunteers work in five countries. Visit the Africa Volunteer Program page for more information.