We continue to monitor the health risks and responses to the COVID 19 virus here in West Africa.

Our shared work is more important now than ever, as we see direct correlations between community management, collaboration with government, and long-term health of communities. It is these relationships and partnerships that improve the collective understanding of health risks, strengthen capacities to respond in times of crisis, and ensure the physical well-being of all.

West Africa is no stranger to outbreaks and fortunately Senegal is a hub to some of the top research and technology advancements that are supporting prevention of COVID 19 transmission. We are bolstered by this knowledge, and even more vigilant in light of our understanding of the gravity of the situation.

With this in mind, we are taking speedy action to support prevention of the spread of this virus to our partner communities. All activities in Senegal, Mali, The Gambia and Guinea Bissau are halted and Tostan staff across these countries will be teleworking where possible. We are also suspending all global travel, including partner visits, until the health risks have cleared. Activities across Guinea will be reviewed as more information becomes available.

We hope this time of social distancing can help us become better than ever at staying connected virtually. We are committed to increasing our online offerings to connect with Tostan’s global community in our continued scaling plans. As such we are already planning a series of webinars, virtual collaborations, and stories from our work in the field.

Now more than ever we need to strengthen and advance long-term movements for community-led peace and security, health, and prosperity for current and future generations.