Population: 1,693,398 (July 2014 estimate)
Capital: Bissau
Number of communities currently implementing the CEP: 40
Location of Tostan country coordination office: Bissau, Guinea-Bissau
Languages offered in the CEP: Creole, Fulani, Mandinka, French, English
Regions where we work: Contuboel, Mansaba, Pirada
Partners: Al ANSAR, Associação Guineense de Estudos e Divulgação de Tecnologias apropriadas, Associaçao para a Promoção do Desenvolvimento Integrado Local, Government of Guinea-Bissau, UNICEF

We have been implementing our Community Empowerment Program (CEP) in Guinea-Bissau since 2009, and we currently implement the program in 40 communities in three regions. Over the course of 2014, Community Management Committees (CMC) in Guinea-Bissau organized 286 community clean-up days, and CEP participants adopted 5061 people to share knowledge learned during class, an organized diffusion method. Several CEP communities in Guinea-Bissau are actively participating in Tostan’s Solar Power! Project, in partnership with Barefoot College in India, to bring sustainable solar energy to remote villages.