Population: 16,455,903 (July 2014 estimate)
Capital: Bamako
Number of communities currently implementing the CEP: 40
Location of Tostan country coordination office: Koulikoro, Mali
Languages offered in the CEP: Bamana, Fulani, Malinké, French, English
Regions where we work: Koulikoro and Yirimadio (Bamako suburbs)
Partners: Government of Mali, Project Muso, Sini Sanuman, UNICEF

In partnership with USAID and the Government of Mali, we began working in Mali in 2009 and currently implement the Community Empowerment Program (CEP) in 40 communities in two areas of Mali. During 2014, Community Management Committees (CMC) in Mali organized 648 community clean-up days, and CEP participants adopted 5785 people to share knowledge learned during class, an organized diffusion method. Recently, CMCs mobilized their communities to organize registration for 79 students in formal schools, and 456 social mobilization events. Thirty-eight CMCs formed three federations in 2011, allowing them to collaborate on development projects.