Dear Friends,

With deep sadness and concern Tostan staff here in Senegal and across Africa, in Washington, D.C., and Paris are following the continually worsening disaster in Haiti. Our team knows the difficulties associated with responding to a situation such as this when basic survival was already a top concern just days before. What’s more, in this case, seemingly insatiable need is met with an almost complete lack of infrastructure.

While the scale of need in Haiti is overwhelming, we must not let that mask the fact that every bit of help counts.

With that, we join hands in support of the emergency response personnel, governments, and aid organizations that are working tirelessly to get necessary supplies and medical treatment to the injured and affected just as soon as possible. We encourage everyone to give your assistance to the relief effort in whatever way that you can, whether that’s through a financial contribution or a donation of blankets or canned goods to a local aid drive.

On behalf of the entire Tostan team, we offer our support, talents, and prayers to help the people of Haiti.


Molly Melching
Executive Director, Tostan