We are excited to announce that this week, Molly Melching, Executive Director of Tostan, will be participating in a major event: The 2010 Women’s Conference in California. Organized by the First Lady of California, Maria Shriver, and the Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Women’s Conference is the premier forum for women in the US.  The goal of the conference is to empower women to be architects of change in their own lives, their communities, and in the world.  More than 150 remarkable speakers—including women leaders, politicians, and actresses— will come together with 30,000 conference participants to educate, motivate, and inspire one another.  The Women’s Conference is also a global online community, where more than one million women unite to exchange ideas about how to really change the world.

Molly will be presenting Tostan’s experience directly to this high-level audience as a part of a panel discussion at the main event entitled “Overcoming the Unimaginable.” Molly’s participation is a wonderful opportunity to share Tostan’s mission and experience. The invitation alone is a testament to the ever-growing recognition for Tostan and the Community Empowerment Program.

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