On June 3, 2010, Tostan’s Washington, DC, office attended the Interagency Youth Working Group’s conference, “Protecting and Empowering Adolescent Girls: Evidence for the Global Health Initiative.”  The event brought together many NGOs and non-profits to discuss effective program approaches, research results, and to further dialogue concerning women- and girl-centered approaches as a part of global health initiatives.  This day-long event was an informative and thought-provoking conference, and Tostan interns appreciated the opportunity to connect with other organizations that share the same passion for creating sustainable changes for girls and women worldwide.

In addition, this conference provided the opportunity to reflect and critically analyze Tostan’s approach towards development. It is essential to learn from and build off of the strategies and findings of other programs in order to strengthen Tostan’s abilities to meet communities’ needs in innovative ways.  We look forward to continuing this discussion next year and hope that the conference will raise issues regarding other important stages in the lives of girls and women in developing countries.

Story by Kate Acosta, Communications Intern in Washington, DC