Time to get inspired! From our staff to our program participants, every Tostan Woman is an inspiration to us as they work to help the people around them and strive for a better life. That’s why we’re celebrating the Women of Tostan. During the month of March, we’ll share stories of the Women of Tostan and their incredible, aweinspiring stories of perseverance, love, and strength.



Rose Diop is the first woman to serve as Regional Coordinator for Tostan, and is now the first female National Coordinator of Tostan Senegal. Starting with Tostan in 1997, she’s been tireless in working to improve the lives of women and girls. People like Rose are paving the way for a new wave of women leaders and human-rights advocates with their passion for helping communities, particularly women and girls. “Lots of things make me passionate! Schools are really interested when we discuss child marriage. This is often what makes girls stop their education. But really, it’s the holistic part of the program that is good—when communities say, ‘Now it’s us who have to take charge.’ Tostan has a way of making victims become the real changemakers in their lives.”





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As Rose says, “There’s no one in the world who is lucky enough to have everyone on their side. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Together, we can work through our challenges.” Every gift means together, we can support a girl or woman having the opportunity to transform her life.



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