Tostan is working with Taaru Askan Farm and Seed Programs International (SPI) on a joint initiative in the region of Thies, Senegal. The program, called “Garden Income Brings Social and Economic Empowerment to Senegalese Women”, aims at building women’s opportunity and economic resilience to climate stress by providing access to skills training, quality seed, and market access.


In the second phase of the project, Tostan teams visited the villages of Soudiane, Sorobougou, and Samba Diallo to discuss with the communities the implementation of an organic gardening project. This project will begin with training for 12 women from these three villages at the Taaru Askan Wi farm in Mbodiène from March 20 to 25, 2022.



These 12 women will train a total of 120 people on organic gardening. This project will allow inhabitants of these three villages to improve their nutrition and to consume organic vegetables and to allow other surrounding villages to have the opportunity to consume organic vegetables as well. Tostan established the contact between Taaru Askan and these three communities to exchange with the inhabitants so that they propose where the project will be implanted in the village.