In a partnership program launched in January 2010, Tostan is working in collaboration with NGOs Malaria No More, Peace Corps Senegal, World Vision; the Senegalese Ministry of Health and 600 communities in Senegal to distribute over 76,000 bed nets in the district of Velingara, Senegal.
Though largely preventable through the use of bed nets year-round, malaria remains the number one cause of child deaths in Senegal. The approach adopted in this MNM initiative, the largest project of its kind in West Africa, is to therefore both distribute nets door-to-door whilst also improving local understanding of the causes of malaria.
The aim: to provide bed nets for every household in the district of Velingara and to ensure they are used effectively for a sustained period of time.
Tostan Community Management Committees and facilitators are working with the communities to broadcast radio programs and run village-level awareness-raising campaigns focusing on the dangers, causes and ways of avoiding malaria. 150 villages have been covered so far!
To learn more, see videos and stay informed of progress, visit the Peace Corps ‘2010 Velingara Malaria Prevention Campaign’ blog.

Photos: Courtesy of ©MHallahan/Sumitomo Chemical-Olyset Net®