Last month, Thierno Diallo, Tostan Tambacounda’s Regional Coordinator, and Aude Muillez, the Regional Volunteer based in the region of Tambacounda, Senegal, visited five villages in southern Senegal. During their visits, they learned about the social, economic, and cultural challenges facing each community as participants begin Tostan’s holistic, 30-month Community Empowerment Program (CEP). Joined by other Tostan staff working in the area–supervisors Kali Kante and Dianguina Sylla–the group spoke with CEP participants who will be learning about topics such as human rights, health and hygiene, literacy, and problem solving.

The following pictures were taken throughout their visit and offer a glimpse into just a few of the villages participating in Tostan’s program.

Fanera: In Fanera, Tostan was welcomed with the warmth of Senegalese Teranga- hospitality and generosity so strong that even a stranger feels that they are amongst family.







Gathiari: Tostan has implemented the CEP in 50 new villages in the region of Kidira. These villages are grouped by 10 and for every ten villages, one serves as a base for community meetings.The village of Gathiari, where Tostan and community groups held a meeting to exchange ideas on community development, is a base for 10 Soninke villages. Gathiari, which has a health post and a school, boasts 72 CEP participants: 41 adults and 31 adolescents.


 Boundou Dioye:  478 people live in Boundou Dioye: 158 women, 93 men, and 227 children. There are 65 CEP participants, the majority of whom are women. They begin the program by learning about human rights, democracy, problem solving, and health and hygiene. 





Takoutala: The school in the village of Takoutala has 45 students, of which 11 are girls. 





Lally: Situated on a riverbank, the village is built on small hills surrounding a mosque. The village is composed of houses which open onto communal kitchens. The CEP participants (38 adults and 12 adolescents) seem incredibly motivated to participate in the courses.


Story and photos by Aude Mulliez, Tostan Volunteer in Tamba, Senegal