New volunteers in Saam Njaay

Six new faces have arrived at Tostan! Flying into Senegal last week, these men and women join the ranks of dedicated volunteers working with Tostan to bring non-formal education programs based on human rights to communities across Africa. The six new volunteers who hail from different areas of the United States as well as Ireland and Chad, will be stationed across Senegal in the regions of Dakar, Thies, and Kaolack. During the cultural orientation held in the city of Thies, volunteers learned the intricacies of Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program, key aspects of Senegalese culture, and basics of the Wolof language. Each volunteer will hold a unique post in their respective offices and will assist in capacity building within the organization while bringing unique talents and diverse educational and professional experiences to Tostan. Find out more about Tostan’s volunteer program on the website and join us in welcoming our new volunteers!