Malick Niang (left), Assistant to the Program Department at Tostan, Senegal, and Zoe Williams (standing, left), Tostan’s Volunteer Coordinator with the new volunteers in Thiès.

After an orientation in the city of Thiès, Senegal, involving language lessons and courses on Senegalese culture, Tostan’s new volunteers are heading out to their respective coordinations in the areas of Mbour, Fouta, Thiès, and Dakar, Senegal as well as Kololi, in The Gambia. At Tostan, culture is key, so incoming-volunteers quickly become well-versed in Senegalese greetings, dress, and cuisine while learning deeper lessons about Senegalese life from dedicated Regional Coordinators and Tostan staff. Hailing from all over the United States, this group of volunteers boasts a variety of backgrounds but it is the enthusiasm for grassroots, sustainable development that brings them together at Tostan. Welcome!

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