At the Clinton Global Initiative on September 23, 2009, a new project developed through a partnership between Tostan, WISeKey (a Swiss maker of ID management solutions) and many other organizations was announced. The project focuses on the growing phone industry in developing countries and the many microfinance initiatives prese nt in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 13 countries, a new software for electronic transactions, created by WISeKey in collaboration with the International Organization For Security and Electronic Transaction, will allow micropayment through mobile phones. The creation of this digital software provides a safer format for users to conduct financial transactions. As a result, more than 20 million people will benefit from the ability to make secure micropayments on their mobile phones.
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In New York for the Clinton Global Initiative, WISeKey Announces Progress Report on Mobile-Banking, Remittances, and Digital Identification for Poverty Alleviation
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