Leaders, development change makers, at the heart of lives… the important place of women in society in general is no longer questioned.

Every year, Tostan celebrates International Women’s Day in Senegalese prisons. This year, on March 8, 2022, the choice was made for the House of Arrest and Correction (MAC) of Kaolack with the national theme:

Women, change makers for climate resilience and environmental risk reduction.


“Celebrating International Women’s Day in prisons not only gives the women prisoners a moment of joy, but it helps them feel concerned by this day and it is an opportunity to communicate with their families. It is also a moment to reflect on what Tostan does for them at an educational level, the trainings and the family mediation which helps them a lot. It is an opportunity for the inmates to commune with Tostan which supports the prison administration in general.”

This is the testimony of the Regional Inspector of the Penitentiary Administration Madiaye Ndiaye which is directly in line with the objective of spending this International Day dedicated to women alongside the residents of Kaolack Prison.




The presence of Tostan is in itself a moment of comfort because they will understand that they are not abandoned. It is also a moment to encourage them in their sorrows; to bring them to feel their role as women and mothers. A recreational morning in the prison of Kaolack marked by the delivery of food and other gifts made by the Association of Women of Tostan, skits, songs, dances, various demonstrations, have furnished this time of sharing and cohesion strong in emotions. Products made by the inmates themselves thanks to the training acquired through the Tostan program were displayed and sold to the guests of the day. Brightly colored traditional uniforms magnified the concept of human rights.